2644 The Holy Spirit who teaches the Church and recalls to her all that Jesus said also instructs her in the l~fe of prayer, inspiring new expressions of the same basic forms ofprayer: blessing, petition, intercession, thanksgiving and praise.

2645 Because God blesses the human heart, it can in return bless him who is the source of every blessing. 2646 Forgiveness, the quest for the Kingdom, and every true need are objects of the prayer of petition. 2647 Prayer of intercession consists in asking on behalf of another. It knows no boundaries and extends to one’s enemies.
2648 Everyjoy and suffering, every event and need can become the matterfor thanksgiving which, sharing in that of Christ, should fill one’s whole life: ‘Give thanks in all circumstances’ (i Th 5:18). 2649 Prayer ofpraise is entirely disinterested and rises to God, lauds him and gives him glory for his own sake, quite beyond what he has done, but simply because HE Is.

Chapter Two


2650 Prayer cannot be reduced to the spontaneous outpouring of interior impulse: in order to pray, one must have the will to pray. Nor is it enough to know what the Scriptures reveal about prayer: one must also learn how to pray. Through a living transmission 75 (Sacred Tradition) within ‘the believing and praying Church’,’ the Holy Spirit teaches the children of God how to pray. 2651 The tradition of Christian prayer is one of the ways in which the tradition of faith takes shape and grows, especially through the contemplation and study of believers who treasure in their hearts the events and words of the economy of salvation, and through their profound grasp of the spiritual realities they experience.2

Article 1



2652 The Holy Spirit is the living water ‘welling up to eternal life’3

in the heart that prays. It is he who teaches us to accept it at its