Go to the Holy Bible It is a fragmental and fast view of the Catechisme of the Catholique Church. This work is not complete(We don't know english language for to do a good correction).

1 The Life of Man — to Know and Love God 2 Catechesis is an education in the faith 3 The Aim and Intended Readership of the Catechism 4 The Sacraments of Faith 5 Necessary Adaptations 6 The Desire For God 7 Ways of Coming to Know God 8 The Knowledge of God According to the Church 9 How Can We Speak About God? 10 God transcends all creatures 11 God Reveals His ‘Plan of Loving Goodness 12 The Stages of Revelation 13 God chooses Abraham and forms his people Israel 14 Christ Jesus — ‘Mediator and Fullness of All Revelation’ 15 The Apostolic Tradition 16 continued in apostolic succession 17 The Relationship between Tradition and Sacred Scripture 18 The Interpretation of the Heritage of Faith 19 The supernatural sense of faith 20 Christ — The Unique Word of Sacred Scripture 21 Inspiration and Truth of Sacred Scripture 22 The Holy Spirit, Interpreter of Scripture 23 The senses of Scripture 24 The Old Testament 25 The New Testament 26 The unity of the Old and New Testaments 27 “Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.” 28 The Obedience of Faith 29 Mary — ‘Blessed is she who believed’ 30 Faith is a grace 31 Faith and understanding 32 The freedom of faith 33 Faith — the beginning of eternal life 34 Faith is a personal act 35 Only One Faith 36 ‘Believing’ is an ecclesial act 37 God alone is enough 38 The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity 39 The Almighty God 40 God created the heavens and the earth 41 God is master of the world 42 The angels surround Christ their Lord 43 God created man in his own image 44 God is infinitely good and all his works are good 45 Mary, the mother of Christ, the ‘new Eve’ 46 The Good News: God has sent his Son 47 The name Jesus means ‘God saves’ 48 Jesus Christ is true God and true man 49 Mary is truly ‘Mother of God’ 50 Jesus, the King-Messiah 51 The Mysteries of Jesus 52 Jesus Died Crucified 53 Our participation in Christ’s sacrifice 54 Jesus Christ Was Buried 55 Christ’s death was a real death 56 Christ holds ‘the keys of Death and Hades’ 57 Faith in the Resurrection 58 Christ’s Ascension 59 The Last Judgement 60 Christ communicates his Holy and sanctifying Spirit 61 The Church has no other light than Christ’s 62 The Church ‘is the visible plan of God’s love for humanity’ 63 The Holy Spirity forms Christ’s Body 64 The Church is the Body of Christ 65 The whole Church is apostolic 66 The sole Church of Christ : one, holy, catholic and apostolic,.. . subsists in the Catholic Church 67 Consecration and mission: proclaiming the King who is coming 68 To proclaim the faith and to plant his reign 69 Communion with the saints. 70 Mary — Mother of Christ, Mother of the Church 71 One Baptism for the Forgiveness of Sins 72 The mission and the power to forgive sins 73 The entrance into everlasting life 74 The Church of heaven 75 The Kingdom of God will come in its fullness 76 In the liturgy of the Church 77 The sacraments of the New Covenant 78 The Church celebrates the sacraments 79 The liturgy is the work of the whole Christ, head and body 80 Christ is the true temple of God 81 The diverse liturgical traditions 82 Baptism is birth into the new life in Christ 83 The sacrament of Confirmation 84 The essential rite of Confirmation 85 The Eucharist is the heart and the summit of the Church’s life 86 In the power of the Holy Spirit 87 Christ is at work in each of the sacraments 88 The sacrament of Penance 89 The celebration of the Anointing of the Sick 90 Who then is the priest? 91 The sacrament of Holy Orders 92 The marriage covenant 93 The sacrament of Matrimony 94 Sacramentals are sacred signs 95 The new life in the Holy Spirit 96 The Beatitudes 97 Freedom characterizes properly human acts 98 Three ‘sources’ of the morality of human acts 99 The perfection of the moral good 100 A good and pure conscience 101 Love is itself the fulfilment of all our works 102 The three theological virtues: faith, hope and charity 103 We have a responsibility for the sins 104 The vocation of humanity 105 The human person 106 There is no authority except from God 107 The dignity of the human person 108 The virtue of solidarity 109 The evangelical counsels 110 The Law of the Gospel 111 The grace of the Holy Spirit 112 The fidelity of the baptized 113 The precepts of the Church 114 The Ten Commandments 115 The first commandment 116 The second commandment 117 The third commandment 118 The first of the commandments 119 The fourth commandment 120 Respect for Human Life 121 The fifth commandment 122 The permanent validity of the moral law 123 ‘Love is the fundamental and innate vocation of every human being’ 124 The sixth commandment 125 The seventh commandment 126 Living in the Truth 127 The surpassing invisible beauty of truth and love 128 The eighth commandment 129 The ninth commandment 130 The tenth commandment 131 God himself will be virtue’s reward 132 Man is in search of God 133 God’s promise and the prayer of faith 134 Moses and the prayer of the mediator 135 David and the prayer of the king 136 Elijah, the prophets and conversion of heart 137 The Psalms, the prayer of the assembly 138 The prayer of the People of God 139 The Word who became flesh 140 Jesus’ prayer 141 The priestly prayer of Jesus 142 Jesus teaches us how to pray 143 In the Holy Spirit 144 Jesus hears our prayer 145 The prayers of the Virgin Mary 146 The forms of prayer 147 The desire and search for the Kingdom 148 Prayer of Thanksgiving 149 The ‘sacrifice of praise’ 150 The tradition of Christian prayer 151 “The surpassing knowledge of Jesus Christ” 152 Prayer, formed by the liturgical life 153 The prayer of the Church 154 ‘Come, Holy Spirit’ 155 In communion with the holy Mother of God 156 Mary is the perfect Orans [pray-er], a figure of the Church 157 Prayer is primarily addressed to the Father 158 Servants of prayer 159 Places favourable for prayer 160 Prayer is the life of the new heart 161 Vocal Prayer 162 The one way of prayer: Christ Jesus 163 Contemplative Prayer 164 The ‘interior knowledge of our Lord’ 165 We pray as we live, because we live as we pray 166 Humble Vigilance of Heart 167 Facing temptations in prayer 168 God wills that our desire should be exercised in prayer 169 Persevering in Love 170 Holy Spirit who conforms us more and more to Christ Jesus 171 The holy name of the Lord Jesus 172 The Lord’s Prayer: "Our Father!" 173 At the Centre of the Scriptures 174 The Prayer of the Church 175 It is the proper prayer of ‘the and-time’ 176 ‘We Dare to Say’ 177 We can invoke God as ‘Father’ 178 The free gift of adoption 179 When we pray to ‘our’ Father 180 ‘Who Art in Heaven’ 181 The first series of petitions 182 ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ 183 Our Father calls us to holiness 184 ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ 185 ‘Thy Will Be Done on Earth, As It Is in Heaven’ 186 We ask our Father to unite our will to his Son’s 187 ‘Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread’ 188 The drama of hunger in the world 189 The Eucharist is our daily bread 190 ‘And Forgive Us Our Trespasses, As We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us’ 191 We are always debtors 192 ‘And Lead Us Not into Temptation’ 193 ‘But Deliver Us from Evil’ 194 The Spirit and the Church pray 195 “Amen”, which means “So be it”

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