2814 The sanctification of his name among the nations depends 2045 inseparably on our life and our prayer: We ask God to hallow his name, which by its own holiness saves and makes holy all creation... It is this name that gives salvation to a lost world. But we ask that this name of God should be hallowed in us through our actions. For God’s name is blessed when we live well, but is blasphemed when we live wickedly. As the Apostle says: ‘The name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.’ We ask then that, just as the name of God is holy, so we may obtain his holiness in our souls ~82 When we say ‘hallowed be thy name’, we ask that it should be hallowed in us, who are in him; but also in others whom God’s grace still awaits, that we may obey the precept that obliges us to pray for everyone, even our enemies. That is why we do not say expressly ‘hallowed be thy name “in us”’, for we ask that it be so in all men.’~ 2815 This petition embodies all the others. Like the six petitions


that follow, it is fulfilled by the prayer of Christ. Prayer to our

Father is our prayer, if it is prayed in the name of Jesus.8~ In his priestly prayer, Jesus asks: ‘Holy Father, protect in your name those whom you have given me.’8~


‘Thy Kingdom Come’

2816 In the New Testament, the word basileia can be translated by


‘kingship’ (abstract noun), ‘kingdom’ (concrete noun) or ‘reign’

(action noun). The Kingdom of God lies ahead of us. It is brought near in the Word incarnate, it is proclaimed throughout the whole Gospel, and it has come in Christ’s death and Resurrection. The

560, 1107

Kingdom of God has been coming since the Last Supper and, in

the Eucharist, it is in our midst. The Kingdom will come in glory when Christ hands it over to his Father: It may even be. . . that the Kingdom of God means Christ himself, whom we daily desire to come, and whose coming we wish to be manifested quickly to us. For as he is our resurrection, since in him we rise, so he can also be understood as the Kingdom of God, for in him we shall reign.86


2817 This petition is ‘Marana tha’, the cry of the Spirit and the

2632, 671 Bride: ‘Come, Lord Jesus.’ Even if it had not been prescribed to pray for the coming of the kingdom, we would willingly have brought forth this speech, eager to embrace our hope. In indignation the souls of the martyrs under the altar cry out to the