God himself will be virtue’s reward; he gives virtue and has promised to give himself as the best and greatest reward that could exist... ‘I shall be their God and they will be my people...’ This is also the meaning of the Apostle’s words: ‘So that God may be all in all.’ God himself will be the


goal of our desires; we shall contemplate him without end, love him

without surfeit, praise him without weariness. This gift, this state, this act, like eternal life itself, will assuredly be common to all.345


2551 ‘Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also’ (Mt 6:21). 2552 The tenth commandment forbids avarice arising from a passion for riches and their attendant power. 2553 Envy is sadness at the sight of another’s goods and the immoderate desire to have them for oneself. It is a capital sin. 2554 The baptized person combats envy through good will, humility and abandonment to the providence of God.

2555 Christ’sfaithful ‘have crucified theflesh with its passions and desires’ (Gal 5:24); they are led by the Spirit and follow his desires. 2556 Detachment from riches is necessary for entering the Kingdom of heaven. ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit.’

2557 ‘I want to see God’ expresses the true desire of man. Thirst for God is quenched by the water of eternal l!fe (cf Jn 4:14).