1875 Venial sin constitutes a moral disorder that is reparable by charity, which it allows to subsist in us.

1876 The repetition of sins — even venial ones — engenders vices, among which are the capital sins.

Chapter Two


1877 The vocation of humanity is to show forth the image of God ~ and to be transformed into the image of the Father’s only Son. This vocation takes a personal form since each of us is called to enter into the divine beatitude; it also concerns the human community as a whole.

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The Communal Character of the Human Vocation

1878 All men are called to the same end: God himself. There is a certain resemblance between the unity of the divine persons and 1702 the fraternity that men are to establish among themselves in truth and love.’ Love of neighbour is inseparable from love for God. 1879 The human person needs to live in society. Society is not for 1936 him an extraneous addition but a requirement of his nature. Through the exchange with others, mutual service and dialogue with his brethren, man develops his potential; he thus responds to his vocation.2 i88o A society is a group of persons bound together organically by 771 a principle of unity that goes beyond each one of them. As an assembly that is at once visible and spiritual, a society endures through time: it gathers up the past and prepares for the future. By means of society, each man is established as an ‘heir’ and receives certain ‘talents’ that enrich his identity and whose fruits he must develop.3 He rightly owes loyalty to the communities of which he is part, and respect to those in authority who have charge of the common good.